2016 Mary Cole Rose Bowl

Winners of the Mary Cole Rose Bowl:     links  –  219 Points
Winners of the Runners-up Cup:     The Cambridgeshire  –  220 ocb
Third Place:     Gog Magog –  220
1. 18 holes stroke play off handicap with team to consist of three players and all scores to count.
2. Player’s handicap limit 25.4 exact.
3. In the event of a tie, the best net score from the team to count – if still a tie, next best net score to count.
4. The Mary Cole Rose Bowl presented in memory of Mary Cole in 1959.5. The Runners-Up Cup presented by the Misses MacLeod (originally for the losing finalist in the Championship).

The second and third places were decided on the best individual nett by any player in one of those teams.
Lynn King from the Cambridgeshire had a nett 66.