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Sarah Greenall and Marcella Tuttle –  Links  won

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   General Inter-Club Match Play Conditions

  • The home team will offer the away team THREE dates for the match to be played on, one of which will be a weekend, and one a weekday

  • It is expected that all individual matches shall be played and every effort should be made to ensure this. No match may be conceded before the day of play and whole ties may not be conceded, without prior discussion with the Assistant County Competitions Secretary

  • Team captains must exchange the team list and playing order prior to commencement of the match. No substitutions are permitted once team sheets have been exchanged

  • Visitors will have the honour on the first tee

  • Players may shelter in bad weather and leave the course if necessary. If conditions allow, play should resume on the same day from the point of disruption. If resumption is impossible the results of completed matches stand but incomplete matches must be replayed over 18 holes. A club may alter its original team except that no player from a completed match may play. Captains shall be responsible for the decision to resume or call off play. Incomplete matches not replayed will be deemed null and void

  • Only captains have the authority to call players in from a match still being played when the overall result is already settled from other matches

  • Rules Advisor(s) will be available for advice and decision making during both the semi-final and final of the Grace Norman and Jean Wilkinson competitions

  • The designated competition organiser and the opposition should be informed when a buggy is to be used

  • All relevant General Competition Conditions must be upheld.