2017 Jean Wilkinson Trophy

 Semi-finals and Finals at The Cambridgeshire Course on 11th September

Group 1 Winners:  Brampton Park v Group 3 Winners:  Lakeside Lodge

Group 2 Winners:  Newmarket Links v Group 4 Winners:  Royston

Jean Wilkinson

Completion date for group matches: Monday 31 July

Semi-final and final: Monday 11 September at The Cambridgeshire GC

Clubs will be separated into four groups, each comprising of no less than three clubs

  • Inter-club league with each team consisting of seven players drawn from three handicap bands:

    • two players from handicap band 10-16

    • three players from handicap band 17-22

    • two players from handicap band 23-35

Note: County First Team players for the current and previous season are not eligible to play.

  • A player can only represent one Club in the competition.

  • All matches are played off scratch

  • All matches shall be played over 18 holes under normal match play rules

  • All group matches must be played both home and away

  • Players may play in:

    • any order within the designated handicap band

    • a lower handicap band, but not in a higher band

  • Any team member not present by 15 minutes after the first tee time should concede her individual match to the opposition

  • Two points for a win or concession; one point for a half

  • If an individual match is conceded on the day without being played, two points shall be awarded to the opposition, but no winning margin should be assigned

  • Only captains have the authority to call players in from a match still being played when the overall result is already settled from other matches

  • Results must be sent to the Assistant County Competition Secretary within 5 working days of completion of the match

  • The winning margin of each match must be recorded, but margins will only be used if teams are tied on completion of group matches

  • If a group is tied after winning margins are taken into account, the Assistant Competition Secretary must ensure that a deciding match is arranged on a neutral course

  • The result of any conceded individual match shall be whatever the state of that match was at time of the concession

  • The semi-finals and final will be played under normal match play rules on a neutral course during September, except that a clear overall result must be achieved.

  • Trophies presented to the overall winners and the runners-up

  • Key Contact: Assistant County Competition Secretary, Rosemary Rennie: G1 The Old Mill, London Road, St Ives, PE27 5EY.  rosemary.rennie@ntlworld.com