County 2nd Team Finals – Good performance by Cambs and Hunts

County 2nd Team Finals – Good performance by Cambs and Hunts

Brampton Park Golf Club hosted the County 2nd team finals between Cambs and Hunts, Essex, Norfolk and Bedfordshire.

The format was 9 players from each County, with three players from each County playing singles matchplay against the other three teams. The results of these matches were then added to the score of the matches played earlier in the season.

Throughout the season County 2nd Team Captain Cindy McIntyre had introduced a number of County Juniors into the 2nd team and there had been improved results against the other Counties. In the final round she selected the team to concentrate their main effort in trying to win against Bedfordshire and then Norfolk.

In the match against Bedfordshire Lindie Tapping (Gogs) played some solid golf to secure a hard earned 2 & 1 win. In the second match Belinda Borneo (Brampton Park) had a tough battle but finished with another 2 & 1 victory. Finally Mo Poole (Brampton Park) used her local knowledge to clinch an excellent 3 & 1 victory.

The tactics worked as these three victories were added to the result of the match played earlier in the season to give an overall win for Cambs and Hunts by 7½-4½.

In the Norfolk match Lucy Mills-Cripps (Ramsey) had an excellent 3 & 1 victory and County Junior Morgan Tritton (Gogs) gained a hard fought draw. Karen Cook (The Links) fought hard but just lost out 2 & 1.

These results and the result of the match played earlier in the season resulted in a 9-3 win for Norfolk.

Essex were leading the tournament and it was a tough match for the Cambs & Hunts players but Karen Cox (Brampton Park) put in a great performance to win her match finishing 1 up. Ely City’s Tina Broadley was unlucky to finish 1 down against an experienced opponent and Chloe Ashman lost her match against a tough opponent.

These results and the results of the earlier match gave Essex an 8-4 victory.

Essex won the title with 3 points (23 games), 2nd were Norfolk 2 points (23½ games), 3rd were Cambs and Hunts 1 point (14½ games) and 4th were Bedfordshire 0 points (11 games).

(Photo shows (back row l-r) Lindie Tapping, Morgan Tritton, Karen Cook, Lucy Mills-Cripps, Belinda Borneo, Karen Cox and Chloe Ashman. Seated Tina Broadley, 2nd Team Captain Cindy McIntyre and Mo Poole)