County Ladies faced uphill battle at County Match Week

County Ladies faced uphill battle at County Match Week

Cambs and Hunts Ladies had a tough time at County Match Week at Hunstanton as they suffered defeats in all five of their matches. Playing conditions were difficult with temperatures in the 30’s for the first three days, followed by a thunderstorm at the start of the fourth day and a gale force wind on the final day/

On the first day Cambs and Hunts faced Bedfordshire and found themselves 3-0 down after the morning foursomes. In the afternoon singles they faired a little better with Jade Guest (Gogs) winning her match 3 & 2, Laura Todd (Ely City) halved her match and Ella Mason (Ely City), on her debut, halved her match against the very experienced Sally Shayler for a match result of 7-2 to Bedfordshire. Other results on the day saw Suffolk and Essex drawing 4½-4½ and Norfolk beating Hertfordshire 5-4.

On day two the opponents were Hertfordshire. In the top foursomes Tabitha Brain (Gogs) and Jackie Ewing (Links) fought hard to secure a half, but the other two pairs lost close matches and the team found themselves 2½-½ down. In the afternoon singles Cambs and Hunts put up a spirited fight with Jackie Ewing (Links) winning 3 & 2, Ella Mason (Ely City) stormed to a 7 & 5 victory and County Captain Marcella Tuttle (Links) clinched her match 2 up. This was a much improved performance with Hertfordshire winning 5½-3½. Other results on Day 2 saw Suffolk winning 5½-3½ against Bedfordshire and Norfolk beating Essex 5½-3½.

The third day opponents were Essex who proved to be formidable opponents as they won all three of the morning foursomes. In the afternoon Jackie Ewing (Links) was the County’s only success with an excellent 6 & 5 victory, giving a match result of 8-1 to Essex. Other results on the day saw Norfolk and Suffolk and Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire both drawing their matches 4½-4½.

Suffolk were the opponents on Day 4 and Tabitha Brain and Ella Mason secured a hard fought draw in the morning foursomes with the other two matches going to Suffolk. This was the only success for the County with Suffolk winning the six singles matches. In the other matches Bedfordshire beat Norfolk 5 & 4 and Essex beat Hertfordshire by the same score.

On the final day Cambs and Hunts got off to a flying start against Norfolk with Tabitha Brain and Ella Mason winning 2 up, Marcella Tuttle and Sarah Greenall winning 2 & 1 and Laura Tuttle and Laura Todd finishing 1 up, to take a 3-0 lead. Sadly the afternoon singles proved a game too far and Norfolk won five of the matches with Tabitha Brain putting up a brave fight to secure a halved match. The result was a 5½-3½ win for Norfolk. Other results on the day saw Suffolk beat Hertfordshire 5½-3½ and Essex beat Bedfordshire 5½-3½.

County Captain Marcella Tuttle presented Laura Todd (Ely City) with her County Colours.
Ella Mason (Ely City) in her debut appearance made a big impact winning two and halving two of her eight games.

Suffolk won the East Region Championship and go forward to the National finals being hosted Felixstowe Ferry in September.