The Julie Walter Trophy

At the County AGM on the 27th November 2014 President Mo reported :

” This year we decided that we would like to honour two people –  the first being a trophy in the name of Julie Walter a wonderful lady who really needs no introduction.  However, just in case you have been asleep for the past 40 or so years here is a little summary of Julie’s amazing success throughout her years representing our County, though I do appreciate that some of us haven’t been playing golf or been around long enough to know.

The Margery Newport Trophy, which is the best scratch score in the Div1 Meeting – between 1974 & 2012 Julie won it, 17 times.  The Allen Newport Trophy which is the best scratch score over 2 rounds in the Championships- between 1972 & 2002 Julie won it 19 times.  The Scratch Bowl is the best gross scores in the Championships and Div 1- between 1977 & 2003 Julie won it 16 times.  Julie has won the County Championship before her retirement 19 times from 1974 – 2009 and has been runner up 10 times.

Though a little birdie told me that as the County Champs are being played at her home club, St Ives in 2015 I think she may briefly come out of retirement!

I personally have known Julie for many years and I really don’t think we would find a better ambassador for our County. Julie’s etiquette on and off the golf course is a lesson from which almost everyone can learn from and if there was a book to illustrate this, it would be a sellout.  This Trophy – The Julie Walter Trophy is a Life Time Achievement award to a person whom we as a committee feel richly deserves to also be honored in our County and is a tribute to the commitment, achievement, dedication and continued support that she has shown to our County throughout the years.

I now ask Julie to come up and present this Trophy.”

“Madam President & Ladies
Before I present this Lifetime Achievement Award,  I would like to talk about a very popular & well liked Lady. She has been on the committee in various roles for over 25 yrs. Won the County plate,  Scratch foursome match play  & Officials cup etc.  She has played in the County 1st team and has been 1st & 2nd team captain.  Also County President,  handicap adviser, standard scratch assessor, Junior organiser  and on the County golf partnership  She certainly has been very busy with all these roles over the years,  when she was first associated with Cambs & Hunts there were only 13 clubs in the County.  I won’t keep on as this person will probably say it can’t be me.  I delighted to say this Lifetime Achievement Award goes to  Jan Stockham”.