2015 Junior County Match Days – John O’Gaunt – August 17 – 19th

The Team:  The players selected to represent the County are Junior County Captain Chalani Allen (Gogs), Chloe Ashman (Ely City), Jade Guest (Gogs), Ella Mason (Ely City), Chloe Neal (St Neots), Sophie Nichol (Gogs), Emily Smith (Royston) and Lindie Tapping (Gogs) Reserves are Chloe Drewery (Brampton Park) and Morgan Tritton (St Neots).

2015 Junior Team plus

 Photo shows l-r: Chalani Allen (Junior Captain), Lindie Tapping, Chloe Neal, Chloe Ashman, Sophie Nichol, Ella Mason and Morgan Tritton. (Inset Emily Smith and Chloe Drewery)

Winners: Essex (4 1/2 points/21.5 games), Herts (3 1/2 points/18.5 games), Cambs & Hunts( 2 1/2 points/16 games), Norfolk (2 1/2 points/15 games), Beds (2 points/12 1/2 games) and Suffolk (0 points/6 1/2 games)

CHLCGA Match results below on left 
17th August Afternoon Singles v  Norfolk 08.30 AM
Score Players V Players Score
 1 (1 Up) Jade Guest V Jasmine Cambell
 Chalani Allen V Megan Mann  1 (3&2)
Chloe Ashman V Chloe Rowswell 1 (4&2)
 1/2 (Half) Lindie Tapping V Abigail O’Riordan 1/2 (Half)
 1 (3&2) Emily Smith V Tara Davis
Sophie Nicoll V Sian Fenn Green 1 (8&6)
2 1/2  3 1/2
Match ReportA really good match against Norfolk. The team all tried really hard and we were a little unlucky not to get a half. Jade clinched her victory on the 18th hole after a good recovery from the greenside bunker. Lindie Tapping fought all the way to claim a valuable halved match and Emily Smith put in a solid performance to win her match 3 and 2.Looking forward to our match against Suffolk in the morning.P1050332


18th August Morning Singles v Suffolk 09.42 AM
Score Players V Players Score
1/2 (Half) Jade Guest V Alice Barlow 1/2 (Half)
1/2 (Half) Chalani Allen V Ellie Aldous 1/2 (Half)
1 (3/2) Chloe Ashman V Megan Bailey
1 (4/2) Lindi Topping V Francesca Tindall
1 (3&2) Emily Smith V Charlotte Gregory
1 (2&1)  Chloe Neal V Mary Cuthbert
5 1


18th August Afternoon Singles v Bedfordshire 14.06 PM
Score Players V Players Score
1 (3&2)  Jade Guest V Annabel Pitts
Chalani Allen V Beth Healey 1 (5&4)
Chloe Ashman V Freya Daniels 1 ( 4&2)
1 ( 3&2) Lindie Tapping V Eleanor Thomas
1 ( 5&4) Sophie Nicoll V Catlin Thomas
1 (2 up) Ella Mason V Catherine George  2
4  2


19th August Morning Singles v Essex 08.30 AM
Score Players V Players Score
1 (4&3) Jade Guest V Harriet Lynch
1/2 (Half) Chalani Allen V Bella Angel 1/2 (Half)
Lindie Tapping V Ashley Chalmers 1 (5&4)
Emily Smith V Megan Henry 1 (7&6)
Sophie Nicoll V louisa Storey 1 (6&5)
Chloe Neal V Katy Yates 1 (5&4)
1 1/2 4 1/2


19th August Afternoon Singles v Hertfordshire 14.42 PM
Score Players V Players Score
Jade Guest V Ellen Hume 1 (2&1)
 1 (2&1) Chalani Allen V Bronagh O’Keefe
Chloe Ashman V Sian Hulse 1 (3&1)
1 (2&1) Lindie Tapping V Holly Hunter
1 (2 Up) Emily Smith V Rachel Stones
Ella Mason V Michaela Du Pressis 1 (4&2)
3 3