Ladies County training update


At the AGM in November 2014 we introduced the role of training officer. This has started well with past captain Jane McGuffog workingclosely in the role with golf professional Alan Fletcher of Girton, who is in turn working with Emma Prentice of Gog Magog GC to implement a new approach for the county

Acropped-charityclassic-golf-960x410.jpglan has laid out his goal to build strength and depth throughout all of the teams such that Cambs and Hunts are competing to win at all levels- 1st team, 2nd team and junior. Ultimately to prepare a squad able to compete and win regional county match week. To enable this, it was proposed that the county look to support the development of players from ~12 handicap down who are keen to improve, and to encourage an environment where players can learn that everyone can improve with the right attitude and coaching.

Jane has been helping Alan liaise with a working group comprised of the 2nd team captain Cindy McIntyre, Junior Organiser Maureen Mansfield, President Mo Poole and helpers Sue Hill and Edie Douglas to help do some of the ground work and support the sessions.

Progress to date:

January 8th Open Evening

This event was an opportunity for all ladies to meet coaches and officials and a chance for Alan to communicate what he is looking for in county players, what the program is designed for. Players currently involved in the county set up were invited along with players identified through current contact /knowledge of players of 12 handicap and under who would be interested in representing the county, and hence interested in developing their matchplay skills and game.

The evening focussed around an interactive presentation from Alan Fletcher about approaches to coaching and what players might expect from him. Also what he would expect from them. The training will NOT be technical golf swing coaching, but more about how to get teamwork going for team and foursomes, on course strategy and course management etc. The session was received very well.

Training Session 15th January

A first on course session was held on at Girton, where 21 players were able to attend. All played an informal 9 hole Texas scramble with a twist, which was fun and got the players to know more about each other. Future on course playing sessions will be on Sun 19th April, Sat 2nd May, Sat June 6th, one of these hopefully being a training day. 30 players have signed up so far. There will be a plan to filter new player into the system, if they come in mid year- ideally filtered into sessions, but otherwise join again in the autumn.

The squads will now be split into two groups to enable training to be delivered to optimum group sizes, but will continue to train at the same venue and on the same day.

Training Officer Report 27th July 2015

I am happy to say that the training sessions have gone very well. We have had a successful Q1/2 for training. Players have committed to the sessions, and seem to have enjoyed and benefitted from them.

The mix of short games and on course worked well- the short game sessions taking the form of a number of skills tests on the par 3 course at Pidley, and the on course looking at restrictions imposed on players to challenge their strategy/shot selection. Sessions on 19th April and 2nd May went smoothly and we rounded up with a match Squad B v Squad A playing foursomes at Girton, all hard fought, with some shots given to make it a fair test. Squad B were the victors by one match.

The sessions have all been structured by Alan Fletcher and Emma Prentice. Thanks to them both for their commitment to this and for the coaching delivered.

Thanks too to the small team of volunteers who have been helping support the training and first team manager Sue Hill; President Mo Poole, Junior Organiser Maureen Mansfield, Vets Captain Edie Douglas and 2nd team Captain Cindy McKintyre.

While 2nd team matches are still ongoing, we will now regroup with Alan and Emma after county week and look to evaluate how effective the sessions have been, and plan the autumn and spring training in preparation for the county matches this year. We’ll also consider how best to move towards that while developing the teams and players.

I’ll provide another update once the plan is agreed and will be looking to sweep up any players we missed in our first campaign. We are looking for players who enjoy matchplay, and who want to play county 1st/2nd team. These can be players who are already experienced at matchplay and who are motivated to keen developing their games, or players who feel they have potential and would like to realise that.

Please get do get in touch if you are interested.

Jane Mcguffog

Training officer