General Conditions

General Competition Conditions

General Competition Conditions can be downloaded here PDF or Word Document
Rules & Guidance Notes for Caddies can be downloaded here

For information:
All championship competitions will be informed by the content of the England Golf “Hard Card”.
The latest version (2018) can be downloaded here

England Golf General Championship Conditions & Rules 2018 can be downloaded here

At all times, the Rules of the Royal & Ancient Golf Club, any Local Rules and the spirit of the game must be upheld.

All entries to the Association’s competitions are subject to the approval of the Competitions Sub-Committee, who shall have the right to refuse entry without assigning a reason.

All Competitions shall be open to female amateur golfers who are members of a club affiliated to the Association, with the exception that members shall only be eligible to compete in the County Championship or to play for any County Team if their home club is affiliated to the Association (see also England Golf County Golf Regulations Rule 1 (a) and (b).

  1. A player must provide a valid CDH number on the competition entry form so that handicaps can be verified via the CDH database prior to the start of the competition. An individual player will be responsible for informing the competition organiser on the day if their handicap has changed in the period immediately preceding the competition
  2. An approved ball must be played
  3. All ties to be decided on a count back over the last 18, 9, 6, 3 and 1 hole(s), except scratch trophies, which will be shared, unless stated otherwise in the individual competition conditions. Unless otherwise stated in the specific competition conditions a player may win more than one trophy, but not normally more than one prize
  4. A player arriving late on the tee may be disqualified under Rule 6-3, although, the ‘5 Minute Rule’ will be applied under Rule 33.1. The competition committee of the day (the committee) shall at its’ discretion apply Rule 33.7 and will take into consideration major traffic disruptions in individual cases.
  5. If play in a competition is suspended due to inclement weather players may seek shelter and may be called off the course. If after a reasonable time, conditions have improved, then play should resume. If resumption is not possible, the committee reserves the right to alter the format of the competition in order to achieve a result
  6. It is permitted to use a distance-measuring device in any competition, If, however, during a stipulated round, a player uses a device (including a multi-functional device such as a mobile phone) to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect her play (e.g. elevation changes, wind speed etc.) the player is in breach of Rule 14-3
  7. Any disputes on the day will be settled by the committee, whose decision shall be final
  8. Pace of play: competitors are reminded that it is the duty of every player to keep up with the game in front, and not just keep ahead of the game behind. The committee will monitor the pace of play and will take action under the Rules of Golf if players are considered to be delaying play unduly.
  9. Rules advisor(s) will be available for advice and decision making in all qualifying competitions and the final of the scratch foursomes knock-out competition
  10. A player is permitted to use a caddie in any competition, except that caddies are not permitted in junior events. It is not permitted to use a professional or assistant professional as a caddie (see separate download for Guidance for Caddies)
  11. Motorised golf buggies are only allowed on medical grounds and shall be for the use of the certified player only, except in the case of foursomes when a partner’s clubs may be carried on the buggy.
  12. A written request should be sent to the County Competition Secretary or Assistant County Competition Secretary, as appropriate at least 1 week before the competition date and must be accompanied by a copy of a relevant medical certificate.
    1. Entrants with a long term need for a motorised buggy should submit a written request, with a copy of a relevant medical certificate, to the County Competition Secretary at the beginning of the season, and if agreed, this request will give them indefinite use of a motorised buggy for all the competitions that they enter for that season only
    2. In considering requests for use of motorised buggies the Association will use the England Golf Transportation Policy as a reference guide to aid the decision-making
    3. The player granted permission to use a motorised buggy will be responsible for checking availability and booking the buggy with the host club
  13. Players are expected to adhere to the dress code of the host club
  14. Entries must be sent to the designated competition organiser by the published closing date, which will normally be one month before the competition. Entries are to be sent singly or jointly for pairs competitions.
  15. A member reducing her handicap from a higher division to a lower division before the closing date will be ineligible to play in the higher division. Everything possible will be done to accommodate this member to play in the lower division. A member reducing her handicap after the closing date will only be eligible for the handicap prize
  16. Start sheets will be normally be sent out no later than two weeks prior to the competition. Start sheets will normally be sent out by email, however if a hard copy of the start sheet is required a stamped addressed envelope must be sent with the entry form
  17. Entry fees should be paid at the time of entry, either by BACS payment or by cheque made payable to Cambs & Hunts LCGA. The designated competition code(s) should be clearly indicated
  18. Entry fees will only be returned to players withdrawing from a competition after the closing date if a substitute can be found. Players wishing to withdraw from a competition must always inform the designated competition organiser who will advise as to the procedure to take
  19. Method of ballot for competitions over subscribed:
    1. higher handicaps balloted out in the County Championship and Foursomes Championship
    2. in all other competitions entries will be accepted on a ‘first come’ basis
  20. Subject to the Rules of Amateur Status, a player’s name should only appear on a bag tag or in small print on the bag itself. A player may be deemed to be advertising the manufacturer of that bag if her own name appears in large letters, which would constitute a breach of Amateur Status rule 6-2 (Lending name or likeness)
  21. Dogs are not permitted during the play of competitions, with either players or caddies
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